Brendon first picked up a video camera (his dad’s) at 7 years old – back when cameras sat on your shoulder, used VHS tapes, and seemingly weighed 100 pounds. At age 13, he managed to save up enough money to buy his very first camera. Years later, Brendon realized he could turn his passion into a career path, leading him to Albright College, where he received a B.A. in Digital Media & Art. 

As a professional digital media artist & marketing specialist, Brendon has done it all; ranging from working with advertising agencies to editing a feature length film to having his commercial work purchased by Speedstick. Brendon’s unique style aims to elicit emotions and captivates viewers of all kinds. In addition to his passion for videography, Brendon is essentially a jack of all trades when it comes to Digital Media & Marketing. He has experience with motion graphics, product branding, creative direction, graphic design, sound design and much more. Regardless of the project, making sure a final product exceeds expectations is always his absolute top priority.

When he’s not working, Brendon can usually be found walking the banks of a local stream, or puttering around a lake in his little jon boat from the 1950s. Wherever you find him, one thing’s for sure; he almost always has a fishing rod in his hand. If Brendon’s not fishing, he’s either being held hostage … or he’s enjoying one of his other favorite activities including camping, backpacking/hiking, cooking, building things, gardening, making hot sauce, eating wings, and spending time with his family – consisting of his amazing wife, Rachael, his beautiful baby daughter, Maddy, his loyal dog, Happy, and his two perpetually hungry cats, Morrie and Dylan.

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[Brendon has now left to go fishing]